Thank you for your interest in our work. Feel free to browse through a selection of some of our latest and most groundbreaking projects which cover a wide range of domains, from private housing to large scale industrial constructions.

Whatever the project we are working on, our main focus will always be on cost, energy efficiency and flexibility.

Office in Destelbergen
Office building in Destelbergen.


We are always looking for the most efficient layout and techniques and we value technical quality over aesthetics in our constructive solutions. To help reduce the cost, our clients can completely or partially construct the building on their own. Our choice of constructive techniques combined with close supervision allows even clients with little technical background to perform this task successfully and within a reasonable timeframe. When we calculate the cost of a project, both the maintenance and energy use are taken into account right from the start.

Office in Berchem
Office building in Berchem.

Energy efficiency

The implantation of each of our constructions and the orientation of the different functions are based on insolation. Passive solar heat and sunblinds are regurarly used and whenever possible we provide solar panels for the production of warm water and/or electricity. We always seek to keep the heating system as simple as possible while minimizing any potential heat losses. As an example, we aim for a heat transmission coefficient of 0,3 W/m2 K or less for closed walls.


We do not see the layout of a building as a fixed element and believe that any modifications must be easy to implement. That is why we separate elements responsible for stability from those responsible for compartimentalization.